Friday, October 26, 2007

Cavalcade of Crap, part 2

More scenic views from Flushing.


Anonymous said...

Dammmmnnnn! those exposed meters in the second photo just make that house look so amazing. I totally want to live there, like, right now.

Anonymous said...

one in the last photo looks like a Rubic's cube. Let's try twisting it about -- for the purpose of demolishing it.

Anonymous said...

This is really "high end" architecture!

High up my ass!

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when the public becomes apathetic, believes everything they read in the newspapers, and grassroots types are always undercut by toadies ready to sell the block down the river for ice cream money.

Anonymous said...

I love the 3 balconettes in the first photo.

I hope each has a good view of the street.......
I mean....gasoline fumes and all !

Can you just see some plump
house-frau in curlers
sipping her morning coffee
while surveying her domain
from one of these lofty perches?

On second thought....
these are great outdoor storage spots
where one can place Kim Chee crocks,
rusty old bicycles, dying house plants
(in need of rejuvenation) or just hang laundry!

And what's the asking price for one of these?

Anonymous said...'s 2 balconettes.
The construction debris confused me.

lad1818 said...

I grew up in Queens in the '60s and '70s and watched grand 100-year-old houses get knocked down and replaced with structures like these. And I see nothing has changed.


Anonymous said...

I see that "eamallc" was foaming at the mouth
again (in another part of this series) .

There's some heavy overcompensating and
embarrassment going on with (him or her).

Send us a notarized photo of yourself "eamallc"
to prove that your a non ethnic "White" as you imply.

Until then, you're as "anonymous"
and (if it comes to it) as "cowardly"
as everyone else here!

Anonymous said...

"There's some heavy overcompensating and
embarrassment going on with (him or her)".

Hmm. Very big words for someone with your intelligence level.

"Send us a notarized photo of yourself "eamallc"
to prove that your a non ethnic "White" as you imply."

You send me yours kiddo and Ill send you mine. I dont need to "imply" anything. Its what I am.

There are alot of intelligent people here. Most of them not cowards. Then there are people like you. I have a feeling there is one person who posts over and over, as Im seeing similarities in the messages. Google was contacted today. Hopefully, they will stomp out individuals such as yourself.
Maybe not, but its worth a try.

Anonymous said...

Go and consult with Barney Google himself.....
if you wish......"eamallc".

What's your IQ by the way ?
You don't sound very bright yourself.

H-m-m-m.....maybe a 15 watt .

Anonymous said...

You just don't get it "eamallc".....
this ain't a clubhouse run weekly newspaper.

Calling Gary Ackerman to shut down what's
published in the Q. Trib doesn't work here!

Anonymous said...

Even if "eamallc"
(who's obviously posting under
several other identities)
is remotely successful in Googling Google
(which I doub't) about us "bad boys & girls"
making some truthful comments here.....
the TRUTH will always rise to the top
despite feeble attempts to silence it!

This isn't Mao's China, Hitler's Germany,
or Stalin's Russia!

This is America where newsgroups are protected
under the 1st amendment of the US Constitution!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that "eamallc"
had read the results
of the intelligence test
he or she had administered to me.

I guess "eamallc" has got to be quite "brilliant"
to ascertain my "intelligence level"
solely from my posts!'re making
an even bigger fool of yourself
by continuing in this manner.

verdi said...

Who is "Barney Google" ?

Anonymous said...

An old cartoon character....
not the CEO of "Google"....for sure!

Anonymous said...

".....STOMP OUT..... individuals such as yourself ".

Tsk, tsk, tsk....
I've a mind to put in a complaint to Google....
that "eamallc" is allegedly THREATENING
somebody who's commented on "Q.C." .


Anonymous said...

Would "eamallc", "anonymous" and others
stop the tag team boxing match already....
and get back to the over development
that's drowning Queens!

Anonymous said...

That second one down looks grim....not a blade of grass....let alone...a tree in sight!

If a driver backs into one of those exposed meters
which are located too close to the driveways
(and breaks a pipe)....
do we witness demolition by gas explosion?

Anonymous said...

You've got to be desperate
to want to call one of these a home!

I'd rather live in the projects.
At least there's some green space!

Anonymous said...

Where do the kids play in #2 ?

Anonymous said...

#1 and #3 look like Italian projects.

#2 and #4 look Asian to me.