Friday, October 19, 2007

SJU dorm shut down

In a move that is certain to embolden neighborhood activists, the city Department of Buildings issued a stop work order this month for a controversial 485-bed off-campus dormitory for St. John’s University students.

St. John’s Dorm Project Halted By DOB Order

The original plans were self-certified by Ramy Isaac, who was recently described in New York Magazine as the “go-to guy” for illegal East Village apartment enlargements — including, in some cases, additional penthouses on existing buildings. Following a buildings department probe into his work, Isaac voluntarily surrendered his right to self-certify building plans in April.

But by the time he gave up certification privileges, he had already submitted his plans for the Jamaica Estates dormitory.

The city, after receiving a high volume of complaints about the proposed Henley Road dorm over the summer, decided to audit Isaac’s plan for the residence hall and found that it did not comply with building codes and zoning resolutions.

Photo from Queens Chronicle


Anonymous said...

And where is Joe Sciame.....
perhaps, slumped in a velvet chair
in a secluded chamber.....
raising a cup of espresso to his thin pale lips....
while pausing for a brief moment
to flash a death mask grin.

Just like Nosferatu at his sanguine feast.....
b-r-r-r......pass the popcorn......
what a horror show!

Anonymous said...

It will be back, this time with the community 'leaders' all excited they they were consulted and proudly pointing to shrubbery that they had a hand in adding to the design.

Unknown said...

I have pretty much agreed with every sense of outrage ever listed in Queens Crap but on this one I have to take the side of St.Johns. Last weekend on a bike ride I rode through the St.Johns campus in order to check out the dormitory building myself. Although they are a little large, they are being built with quality and aesthetics that fit into the community as good as they possibly can when you cosider how hard it is to design a dormitory to fit into Jamaica Estates. St.Johns is a good neighbor and is one of very few business producers in the borough. Think of how many stores and how many jobs have been created because of the students living at these dorms. They bring up the property value of the entire strip. Also stop and consider what the neigborhood would be transitioning to if these dormitories were never built. Not to mention that who knows, these bright and talented students from all over the country might actually decide to STAY in Queens along with their college educated incomes. Wake up people! All change is not bad.

Anonymous said...

What will it take to finally eliminate "self-certification"?

There is absolutely no requirement for speed in getting permits for construction. DOB must be allowed to scrutinize the plans for every application for construction of any kind.

DOB must have inspectors in the field at every constructions site, ready to shut it down for illegalities.

Every manner of construction must be reviewed to consider the impact it has on existing and future services.

Let's all slow down!

Unknown said...

taxpayer, sure there is a requirement of speed for a construction company obtaining DOB permits. It is extemely expensive for every lost day in the construction business. Every sub-contractor stipulates in their contract an amount of money for every lost day, not to mention regular monthly bills that add up even when there is no work going on like trailer and generator rentals.
The rush lies with not trying to ramrod something bast the DOB and hoping they will not notice but trying to stop the job from purging money.

Anonymous said...

Dear Michael,
The article is not about the construction of the 381-bed townhouses on the campus, it is about the 485-bed residence hall being built at 172-14 Henley Road next to private homes in Jamaica Estates.

A Protest Rally is being held Saturday morning, 10/20/07, at 8 a.m. at Gate 1 of St. John's University on Utopia Parkway north of the Grand Central Parkway.

Anonymous said...

Mike on his bike again.

How many drunken students have also puked
on the lawns of many homes in the area
after they've contributed to the local economy
in the local bars and gin mills ?

There are always two sides to every story.

Anonymous said...

Warning!! I will record it on cameras and post it on you tube!!