Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Preserving Udall's Cove

Score a major victory for open space — or what's left of it — in the concrete jungle of Queens.

The city has arrived at the final stages in the process of ­using ­eminent domain to acquire nearly 3 acres of Udalls Ravine, a steep and ­heavily wooded upland gully over­looking Little Neck Bay, officials from the Parks ­and Recreation Department said.

City acquires 3 acres of Udalls Cove

Nestled in the northeastern corner of the borough and surrounded by ­residential development, the 14-acre ravine carries a largely developed-over stream — known as Gabler's Creek — down into Udalls Cove.

With intense development ­pressure threatening the borough's ever-dwind­ling stock of undisturbed land, ­community leaders hailed the impending acquisitions of environmentally significant land.

Official NYC Parks Department policy:

Eastern Queens = money = use eminent domain to create new parkland
Western Queens = no money = tear down trees in existing parkland and replace with astroturf


Anonymous said...

Yea, well this eastern Queens vs western Queens axis is so going to, like reversal of the magnetic poles on earth, make a big switch soon.

Eastern Queens is brain dead, western Queens is angry. Not a good envirnment to maintain the status quo.

Anonymous said...

Gabler's Creek has been saved from almost being wiped off the map.

When it comes to extinct waterways, Queens once had plenty, such as Flushing River, Kissena Creek, Linden Pond, Jackson Pond. All were covered up in favor of park space. This is exactly what's being proposed for Ridgewood- replacing wetlands with sports fields.

I'm still not sure where Fresh Pond was located- today's road does not lead to any ponds.

Anonymous said...

Privileged snot noses with loot
continue to get more and more and more!

Once again....and as always......
those people of the Manor born have clout
and they get what they want.

That's where some of the city's movers and shakers live, of course, from The Mattones to the (judge) Golias!

Any further questions ?

Anonymous said...

"The haves" live in eastern Queens.
"The have-nots" live to the west.

That's the long and the short of it !

Anonymous said...

You're dreamin' son!

You're stuck in the western territories
.....builders' alley.... #1 !

Brains has nothing to do with it MONEY has !

Anonymous said...

go take the next historical tour of Douglass Manor......
if you want to spend $50 to $100 to look inside
the homes.

You'll learn a lot.

Me.....I'd rather see a Mets game.....
even when they're playin' for shit !

Anonymous said...

I live in eastern Queens and I am not amoung "the haves." Neither are the majority of my neighbors who include: a brick layer, an auto mechanic, and a former taxi cab driver. As to myself I'm just your average 9-5 stiff, forever dreaming of a better life.

Anonymous said...

Somebody just told me
he was walking his dog down the "Ravine"
in Udall's Cove when he spotted
a young teenage girl smoking crack cocaine!

Tsk, tsk, tsk !

I thought that this kind of stuff
isn't supposed to go on
in this sacred neck-o-the-woods !

Anonymous said...

"9 to 5 stiff".....
you obviously don't live in "The Manor".....
that's the particular section of northeast Queens
that I'm talking about.....
not with your income level.

Neither with mine....
I'm on a fixed modest income....
also residing in the northeast.

Anonymous said...

yep, I don't dwell in the ritzy Manor, just in NE Queens, like you. It ain't so bad. In many ways, nice, though not without drawbacks, like all places.

Anonymous said...

True enough "9 to 5" stiff !

I wouldn't trade my spot for any other
in Queens....or anywhere else for that matter.

Imagine having to deal
with the over development crap
that's going on in Astoria or LIC ?

Anonymous said...

What has GAHS done to take a stand
on all the over development that's going on
in Astoria ?