Sunday, October 28, 2007

Another view on overdevelopment

Hi there Crapper,

I am a Guyanese of Indian descent with a degree in Construction Management. I like your blog and I totally agree with the over development which is taking place, especially in the Richmond Hill/Ozone Park area where I live. I guess familiarity breeds contempt, I have the utmost contempt for the current crop of Guyanese (agricultural, low class, most coming illegally here and giving the Guyanese community a bad name as a whole.) When we came in the 70s we had to adapt and blend in, now the current crop does not have to blend and they carry on with the same nonesense they did back in Guyana and Trinidad. Check out my blog and website at the links below, it was focused on the building of a Stadium in Guyana for Cricket World Cup. The Government of Guyana is totally corrupt - taking loans from international orgs without the Guyanese people seeing anything in return as far as infrastructure development. That is why Guyanese are running away from the country by any means possible and finding themselves in Richmond Hill - causing overcrowding and over development.....some by unscrupulous means.

Providence Stadium

Guyana Stadium

Here is another article I wrote under my Pen Name "Roy Bhusia" about Liberty Ave:
Need for free media in Richmond Hill

Providence Stadium

I checked out the blog, and saw this as a description: "Existing deficiencies in the urban centers of Guyana are deteriorated infrastructure, bad housing, and inadequate to nonexistent community services (poor sanitation and water supply, traffic congestion, unsatisfactory drainage, and unhealthy environment)."

Maybe he should also write a blog dedicated to Queens! This guy gets it.


Anonymous said...

The thing I really like from the immigrants is when they scratch their head at all the fawning and pandering that goes on around them.

When they see a landmark worthy building getting torn down I hear the inevitable "Why your people do that? In my country that building would be saved .... "

Anonymous said...

What you have here is another Guyanese real estate predator who has cleaned up his sales pitch. After following some links from his stuff I found this site:
What a sicko picture it paints of the Guyanese.

Anonymous said...

Guyanna people are a strange lot because of what they experienced in their country. The corruption, the country's infrastructure and their inability to get along with each other. Knowing and working with many some bring their Guyanise practices to the work place. This basically means an inability to be consistent, their work problems are blamed on remarkably on anything else and blantly racist! The indian slice are genial, well spoken people but lack a volition or desire to excel - they learn to quickly seize handouts. A mix bag though as one indian youngster long out of Guyanna is the hardest working individual you'll ever meet anywhere. This individual seized a chance and made the very best of it - there are few like him.

Anonymous said...

Have lived next to a Guyanese family.

Some members were a delight. Have lots of respect for them.

Other family members were a nightmare.

The comments their own relatives fired off about them resembled some of those found on his blog.

Again, just because someone is an immigrant do not assume (as the politiicans and media what you to believe) its the best thing in your life since white bread.

Get over it. People are people.