Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hillside homes are history

Behind a plywood fence on the south side of Hillside Avenue at the corner of 178th Street, one of the first demolitions has taken place since the City Council passed the Jamaica Rezoning in August.

178th St. houses torn down

The 11,200-square-foot lot was zoned R6 under the old zoning, which permitted buildings of about six stories, depending on various factors. Few builders on this stretch of the south side of Hillside Avenue took advantage of the maximum height allowed by the zoning, but this may change.

Under the new designation the block has been upzoned to R7A, which allows eight-story buildings and may include affordable housing.


Anonymous said...

I guess we'll soon be seeing a new
"vibrant & bustling" Jamaica......
just like they promised for Flushing!

Where does Carlyle Towry stand on all this?

Anonymous said...

I guess a walled Hillside Ave.
will keep the "Blacks" in their turf
down south and out of the

Is this the real plan behind
rescuing....oh pardon me....rebuilding Jamaica?