Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bloomie full of gas

America's greenest mayor generates enough greenhouse gas to choke the Lincoln Tunnel.


Mayor Bloomberg - who has advocated everything from ditching incandescent light bulbs to taxing Midtown commuters to clean the air - produces 364 tons of smog-inducing carbon dioxide a year, according to a Post analysis of the billionaire's trans-Atlantic real estate portfolio and travel style.

Graphic from NY Post


Anonymous said...

"Let them eat cake".....
says our aloof Monarch Mike !

You can all tighten your belts.....
while me and my wealthy friends
of the real estate and business aristocracy
loosen ours and piss on your parade !

Maybe it is time for our own
diminutive "male" version of Marie Antoinette
to face "Madame Guillotine"
on the steps of City Hall....
(oops there we go again......we're only joking) .

Can we, at least, interest all you taxpayers
in starting a tax revolution..... maybe ? !!!

Anonymous said...

I always new he was a gas bag.

Anonymous said...

"The mayor says he has taken such steps himself. He's replaced incandescent light bulbs with more efficient fluorescent ones at City Hall."

These "energy-efficient" bulbs contain high levels of mercury and other dangerous materials that require special care if broken. The are supposed to be sent to special recycling centers when they burn out. If you use a vaccuum cleaner to clean up a break, the vaccuum device needs to be discarded. I know that that sucks!

My biggest concern, however, is the water table beneath the landfills where we know most of the bulbs will end up because the packaging and promotion of the bulbs does not emphasize the importance of appropriate recycling!!! Thank you once again Mayor Dumberg or is it Doomberg???

Anonymous said...

Thank you for verifying this fact for me Alan.
My neighbor told me about the mercury
in these bulbs a month ago.

The "mad hatter" from "Alice in Wonderland"
was made insane by the mercury
used to clean or prepare the interior leather hat bands
in Victorian times.

is all that mercury good for us and our kids ? !!!

Anonymous said...

Great op-ed in today's Post by Steve Cuozzo:

Anonymous said...

That missive by Steve Cuozzo was right on the money. My only criticism is that it should have been called the "Ninny Diaries." I know that I've posted this before but it was shot right before Hizzoner's re-election. It shows the care and compassion of this elected orificial:

Queens Crapper said...

I'll do a separate post on this Op-Ed tomorrow. It really is great!