Monday, July 1, 2013

Quinn funds private park with discretionary funds

From Sunnyside Post:

Friends of Sunnyside Gardens Park, the fundraising arm of the membership-based park, received $25,000 through Council Speaker Christine Quinn. Those funds were for items such as “installing playground equipment and other recreational equipment.” Since 2010, Friends of Sunnyside Gardens Park has received $142,600 in city funds, most of it through Quinn. Park membership is not always open to all those who can afford the modest fees, such as with a YMCA or other non-profit. Members have to live in a geographical location to join.


Anonymous said...

Gay mafia.

Anonymous said...

I tried reaching Jimmy Van Bramer regarding the two 40+ story mega-buildings intended to replace 5 Pointz in LIC.

I got pun intended.
The councilman appears to be MIA on that subject.

Did the property owners...Wolkoff, "G&M Realty", contribute to his campaign?

Anonymous said...

Hey Jimmy

$750,000 to renovate the reading room in a library you used to hang out as a child? $600,000 for a live video link with Lincoln Center for the Queens Library?

All this while hours, staffing and services are threatened every year?

It $eem$ the library board of developer$ get a lot of capital fund$ from their boy don't they?

Anonymous said...

I love that - we have a new winna on Queens Crap.

Jimmy "STONEWALL" Van Bramer!