Sunday, July 21, 2013

Jamaica garbage photo of the week

Last night at about 7:30pm, walking home from Blink gym, I head up 163rd St toward Hillside Avenue to walk along that stretch. Do not ask me why, I think Hillside Avenue from Queens Boulevard all the way to 175th Street at Major Mark Park is one of the ugliest, disgusting, dirtiest stretch of streets outside of some third world country, in fact Hillside Avenue pretty much resembles some third world country such as Pakistan. It is constantly filthy, the mostly shitty stores are a miss-mosh of shit that sometimes I have not idea what they are since there are so many signs, car lots scattered all over and it is heavily traveled by not only cars but buses with bus stops everywhere. It is just one big major shit hole. Probably the worse in New York City.

While walking along this nasty ass stretch, I came across this site at the corner of 168th St & Hillside, in front of the customary 99 cent store. To really take this in, you had to be standing next to this. At first when I was standing next to the street sign post, I had no idea this was a garbage can, since a big blanket was sticking out of it and draped along the side of it. Of course there was all this other shit there as well. It was not till I turned at another angle that I realized there was a garbage can underneath all of this shit garbage.


This is not unusual for Hillside Avenue, but this was one of the worst I have seen. I realize there is no Business Improvement District here (the biggest improvement would be to tear this whole stretch down and start over) and that the majority of people who visit this stretch and congregate here are pretty much low class slobs (I do not know if they even noticed this or if this was just normal to them), but you think sanitation can make more stops here.  Since this is a very heavily traveled stretch and so many garbage cans get filled with not only daily shit but household crap, why doesn’t sanitation make more stops in this area or put more trash cans and why don’t our elected officials, including you Mr. Comrie, see that this happens and clean this low class third world hell hole up.

Astoria City Councilman Candidate Costa Constantinides, running for one of the thug Vallone Brother’s (Peter Vallone Jr.) seat, says he has a “five point” plan to battle litter and overflowing trash cans in Astoria — including a pledge to push for more frequent trash pickups and to hire street cleaning crews.” Obviously the garbage problem is just not confined to Jamaica.

Why not beat him to the punch Mr. Comrie. So where is your “five point” plan or your “anti-blight bill” that I heard you mention on the 4 part garbage series back in March? Or were you just blowing the typical political smoke up one’s ass bullshit.

Hell there are enough people in Jamaica out work, get some funding for them and put them to work to walk around this area and keep it cleaned, get more trash cans and have sanitation make more stops. Damn, why is everything a big ass issue for simple things.

Joe Moretti
Jamaica, NY  11432


Anonymous said...

Used to walk right past this place 35 years ago.

See two issues.

If one garbage basket is not enough then why don't they put 2 or 3 there ?

Take the blame off the city. It's as easy to empty one or five.

If they see household/business garbage there then track them down and sue the cr@p out of them.

Anonymous said...

Take the litter baskets away. Remove the temptation to throw out household garbage...hich seems to be a prevalent problem here and all over Queens. Hand out fines! Although DSNY probably refrains from this because most people commiting this cannot afford to pay one.

Roger said...

Looks like every other corner in New York City.

georgetheatheist said...

Many State and National parks have instituted a "pack it in-pack it out" policy. You bring stuff there,eat it, drink it, you have to cart it out.

Even your own crap.

This site is s-o-o educational!

Anonymous said...

Check out the Doe Fund, or similar operations to get cleanup crews ASAP!

Anonymous said...

it's the people who live there. guesno one ever told them not to shit where they eat.......

Anonymous said...

The litter basket has been removed from 140 Ave and 183st location which has been a problem. The problem was some of the residents fill up the bins with household garbage moments after the bin were emptied. There are too many nasty people who are in the area and have no respect for their neighbors or themselves. Front yards in my apartment complex are used as if they were backyards which signal to all that residents living here ghetto minded slobs. I have lived in Queens all my life and I just have a hard time understanding these folks that are so Ghetto Minded. Where do these pigs come????