Friday, July 19, 2013

Security cameras coming...eventually

From the Queens Courier:

Police will install new sets of eyes in parts of Briarwood, Jamaica and Pomonok, according to a Queens lawmaker.

Seventeen NYPD security cameras are coming to the area’s high-traffic locations thanks to $600,000 in funding secured by Councilmember James Gennaro.

They can be found around Rufus King Park in Jamaica, near Archbishop Molloy High School and along Hillside Avenue, Jamaica Avenue and Parsons Boulevard, officials said.

Installation is slated to be completed by the city’s police department within two years.

It takes 2 years to install cameras?


Anonymous said...

It's not about safety or security. It's about control, you are now tracked and followed by government everywhere you go. Everywhere...

Joe Moretti said...

With all the shit that is going on in Jamaica, these security cameras are a very good move, but two years, really. City Lights apartment building in Long Island City took less time to build.

Anonymous said...

They can be found around Rufus King Park in Jamaica, near Archbishop Molloy High School

Guess who is an alumnus of Molloy?? None other than Police Commissioner Kelly. So is Gov. Cuomo but he never cared about Queens even though he was raised here.

Anonymous said...

Rufus King Park (at Jamaica Avenue and 150th Street) is near Archbishop Molloy High School (in Briarwood)> Really???

Queens Crapper said...

Who said that? They are around Rufus King Park and around Molloy. There are 17 cameras. Two separate locations. Comprende?

Anonymous said...

Sri Nayar's Catadiotropic cameras allow you to emulate the presence of police we thought we could never afford!

Anonymous said...

What good will these cameras do if you take even more cops off the street to view them?

Anonymous said...

These new camera's use GSM cell phone frequency's so the can be placed anywhere.
If you use an older GSM cell phone the NSA and cell company's like ATT will be forcing you to use a 3G and 4G phone.
--Big brother at work

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 4:

Who says that Kelly is responsible for those cameras being there? Elected officials kick in money for those things as well.

Ima Spy Camera said...

Peek A Boo, I see you!!!

Anonymous said...

these cameras don't and never have deterred criminal behavior.

look what happened at the boston marathon,there is a mobile police surveillance tower right where the explosion happened at the end of the race.

and in times square where a bicycle rider tried to blow up the military recruiting center which is right in front of a police station at 43rd st.

I am sure you can drop your pants and drawers and take a dump in front of those cameras and not get caught but still wind up on youtube with 100,000 views

Anonymous said...

Those cameras aren't to stop crime but only find people after the fact. I think they are mainly here to record our every movement and make files on everybody. Facial recognition software is almost perfect
Cars & drivers are now being scanned, drug counters at supermarkets. Cellphone EISN numbers and locations etc, social media like Facebook and Skype.
With all this crap the government can find whatever it needs to pay anybody they don't like a visit. Doctor prescribe you Xanex or Ambien ? You are then "a nut" kiss your 2nd amendment right privileges goodby for life, get complete searches at airports.
All kinds of crap is being sneaked into place its worse then the KGB in old Soviet Union.
Meanwhile people from other country's that don't belong here have protection's in place then 4+ generation American born citizens

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 11:

But those cameras in Boston are one of the reasons that those guys were caught.

Anon No. 12:

It is possible to be too paranoid.