Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What else? Garbage!

From Clean Up Jamaica Queens:

Jamaica certainly has an endless supply of “garbage photos” thanks to the low class slobs in the community, our ineffective leaders, Mayor Bloomberg’s huge budget cuts, especially for Queens (including major cuts to sanitation) and a lack of enforcement of sanitation and litter laws already on the books.

Here are my garbage photos of the week, courtesy of low class ghetto slobs, slumlords and low class property owners.

This damn mess at 166-11 91st St, which is a constant on-going problem, is right in the downtown area (a half block from Jamaica Ave on Merrick Blvd), right next to a parking lot entrance (the site of the whenever $50 million retail project), near the police station, right across the street from the beautiful former Valenica Lowe’s Wonder Theatre (Tabernacle of Pray Church) and right next to their Tabernacle Bible Institute & Book Store at 90-07 Merrick Blvd. A number of complaints obviously has resulted in NOTHING.

I love this shot here of the same house. No matter how much of a low class slob you are, you certainly make sure you have your DISH TV. From the looks of it, there are at least 5 families tossed into this house, which I am sure there are illegal apartments to boot and a few other families thrown in. You know what this shit smells like during the hot and humid weather……………………………….and wait till you get a whiff of the garbage too.

Another chronic problem at the apartment building at 90-21, 90-23, 90-25 170th St. Again this has been reported numerous times. You see what good that is doing. This lot at one time had a nice one family house, now it is a four story and at least 16 family third world shit pile, thanks to zoning.

So, is this the “Jamaica Revealed” and the “Vibrant and Diverse” Jamaica I keep hearing about. Is this what you call revitalizing Jamaica, because my version is a little bit different.

In all the articles about Councilman Leroy Comrie (Jamaica District 27) dropping out of the Queens Borough President race, he stated and I quote, “I am looking forward to serving the people of Queens—in one capacity or another—for a long time to come.”

Well, Mr. Comrie, here is one capacity that you can begin with. You can start serving by putting on some gloves and getting your ass over to these chronic garbage sites and bring your little buddy Ruben Wills with you. Yes, Mr. Wills, you are so right when you said “it is the people” (which these photos prove without a doubt), but a total lack of enforcement of the sanitation and litters laws is also a huge problem.

What the fuck, I don’t get this shit, it is not brain surgery or curing cancer.

I am now in favor of total gentrification of Jamaica! You all have had your chance, but you all have failed miserably.

Joe Moretti
Jamaica, NY 11432


Anonymous said...

Comrie is in no physical condition to walk around Jamaica and help clean things up. He is the poster boy for why Jamaica looks the way it does ...

Anonymous said...

Why isn't the DOS out ticketing business and home owners?

If they worked really hard Jamaica could have it's own bocce court!

Anonymous said...

Tell ya what

Take $3.0 million of Stonewall Van Bramer's dog run and redone library capital budget, and $4.0 of Vallone's Astoria pool boondoggle and hire 350 people at $20 k p.a. to clean the streets and pick up garbage.

The problem is that NYC has money, its just spent stupidly. The money should be taken out of the hands of hacks.

Joe Moretti said...

Anon said: Why isn't the DOS out ticketing business and home owners?


That is my biggest question, why isn't DOS ticketing all these businesses and property owners?. It does not make any sense. I always see DOS enforcement driving around in their vehicles passing right by so many of these spots. At least once a month, a whole team of enforcement officers need to walk all over and ticket all of the violators.

Anonymous said...

Like the inside gates on the window. probably not up to code.
keep up the good work, Joe.

Anonymous said...

Joe wrote:
That is my biggest question, why isn't DOS ticketing all these businesses and property owners?

It's not just in Jamaica - there are people on my block in North Flushing who don't put covers on their garbage cans; who leave their cans out by the curb day after day; who put their cans out for collection way too early - but Sanitation never gives tickets. There are people who park by a fire hydrant, and they don't get parking tickets. There are signs prohibiting U-turns for most of Francis Lewis Blvd north of Northern Blvd, but people do it all day long. You'd think the city would want to increase revenue by cracking down on these dirt bags.