Saturday, July 13, 2013

Rockaway Courthouse to become medical center

From CBS New York:

A historic building which has been abandoned for more than four decades is getting new life in Queens.

Developer Uri Kaufman is buying the old Rockaway Courthouse on Beach Channel Drive for $50,000 and turning it into a medical center, filling a void left when the bankrupt Peninsula Hospital shut down last year.

The courthouse, which was built in 1932, closed in 1962. It was last used by an arts group in the 1970s.

The columns and the rest of the facade of the 24,000-square-foot building will remain while the inside will be gutted...

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Anonymous said...

I'm young enough to have lived most of my life in Rockaway and never have seen this beautiful building occupied... I'm 47. Good luck to the purchaser. I hope there are firm strings attached to this property and that we did not just give it away ($50K) for promises... but this is Rockaway and I'm old enough to have seen all sorts of deals go awry. I wonder why the former Nursing Home in Riis Park - was passed over - surely it would make a better healthcare facility.