Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bowne Park update

From 10am until sundown on Friday after the original Bowne Park post was put up, I received reports that parks workers were there in droves addressing the nasty conditions present. Here is an update:

Hi Crappy –

Well – they’ve mowed the lawn and emptied the trash.

Here are some pix.

Decaying tree branches providing a much-needed tripping hazard – check!

Inaccessible garbage pail out of reach within the fenced-off area, surrounded by garbage chucked over the fence – check!

Unnecessary second bocce court construction project on target for mid-2014 completion – check!

Scummy, dirty broke-down pond – check!

Gee - mowing the lawn did not entirely eliminate the neglected, sorry atmosphere at Bowne Park – go figure!

To Quote Bette Davis (and Elizabeth Taylor) - "What a Dump!"


Flooshing Rezident


Broadway Baby said...

What is Bowne Park Civic Association's take on all this?

Maybe BFHA and Bowne Park Civic should pair off by holding a volunteer clean-up event at BP.

Have the media present to embarrass those lazy "parkies" (park workers) who are doing a half ass job.

Anonymous said...

The Queens Park Commissioner must be back from another vacation.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Parks Dept should initiate a fast track maintenance program similar to that of the MTA!

Anonymous said...


Once every 10 days some Latinos that work for a Jersy contractor show up for an hour. And a black guy drives up in a Parks. vehicle and sits on his fat ass in his car for about 10 minutes and leaves!!!!

BTW - aren't there any local contractors? Parks had to bring in a contractor from Jersy - all the mobbed-up Whitestone boys are too busy?

Anonymous said...

Pretending you live in a fancy nabe won't hide how little your mind is worth

Anonymous said...

Cutbacks in all city services will be felt sooner or later. Bowne park conditions reflect the lost of park worker jobs.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think that this is still a "fancy nabe"?
What brand of "trees" have you been puffing?

This is a nabe that's fraying at the edges.
In about 10 years or so, it will unravel and be absorbed by the rest of the shit pile that we call Queens.

I intend to move way before then.

Disgusted said...

BFHA needs to present anther one of their garden judging awards...this time to the Parks Department, for their wonderful upkeep of Bowne Park.