Thursday, July 18, 2013

Return of the mosquito breeding ground

From WPIX:

Two cases of west nile virus have been confirmed in mosquitoes, the NYC Health Department has announced. Standing water and vacant lots are breeding grounds for the pests.

The city advises neighbors to call 311 to report standing water and vacant lots.

Neighbors involved with the Malba Gardens Civic Association are trying to take care of both issues on their block along 5th Avenue in Whitestone, Queens.


Joe Moretti said...

If the damn city would do their job with all the vacant lots, especially in Queens (Jamaica, being one of the worse) this would not be so much of an issue. Sounds damn simple to me, but the city makes so many damn excuses why they do not take care of shit, why they drag their feet or why they do not make owners responsible for their property. Half the time I report such lots, I get the standard "no violation was seen".

Anonymous said...

Saw this the other night I wish this guy lived in our community. Way to Mr. Centola.

Anonymous said...

That's the same guy that did the genius save FMCP video
Way to go

Anonymous said...

The corner of 22 Ave and 147 st in Whitestone is a fenced in jungle, completely overgrown both inside, and between the sidewalk and the street, making the sidewalk impassible. Maybe Whitestone walker can help document this and post it here.