Tuesday, July 30, 2013

City plans to spray pesticides on concertgoers

So the NYC Parks Dept is co-sponsoring a concert series in Juniper Valley Park. Tonight is "Classic Rock night" and starts at 7pm.

And the NYCDOH apparently doesn't care. They blindsided everyone involved by announcing that they would be spraying the area tonight beginning at 8pm and that everyone should stay indoors.

Great communication work!


Anonymous said...

Why is anyone surprised?

Anonymous said...

DOH will not start spraying the Juniper Valley Park area until 11pm tonight (Tuesday).

Joe said...

I surprised the dam city is actually doing something!!
As usual lower Ridgewood, Cypress, interborough pkwy by all the cemetery's & Bay ridge Conrail spur puddles where mosquito's breed gets squat.
Perhaps NYCDOH just wants to exterminate Archie Bunker's.

(nothing else on that .pdf schedule)
This morning the Asian tiger mosquito's almost carried me away tying up the tomato plants.
I may go to the rock concert tonight

Anonymous said...

How many people were reached that the spraying won't start until 11? How many businesses will be affected by this stupidity?

cath said...

The revised 11 p.m. start time is not on their web site...? How were they reaching out to people?


Anonymous said...

Were The Beatles performing?

Queens Crapper said...

No, the Mosquitoes!