Sunday, July 28, 2013 actually does exist!

Do you think Jean Silva is now kicking herself for testifying in support of the USTA deal since her group is effectively being replaced with a new conservancy run by the USTA? If only Pat were still alive...


Anonymous said...

The people in Queens should come to their defense.

But they will not. They will stand by and watch the world unwind about them spectators in their own lives.

There is no civic culture in Queens - your worth is determined by your access to a politician - if they bless you and stand by your side and shower thousands of the public's taxes upon you need do little but deliver pablum and the people will regard you as their hero.

Incur the wrath of a pol and you can find a cure for cancer you will be regarded as a pariah.

Sort of explains its dreary landscape. NYC's own hermit kingdom Pyongyang Across the River.

Anonymous said...

To bad that Estelle Cooper isn't around.

She could teach the USTA how to steal thousands from their duplicate, bogus "conservancy".