Saturday, July 20, 2013

LIC in flux

Curbed has an interesting photoessay on LIC by Nathan Kensinger.

These days you have to snap it fast before it becomes a pile of rubble.


Joe Moretti said...

I had lived in Long Island City, when we called it just that, for 15 years before the change and after the change. In the beginning some of the change was nice, but then it just went crazy and so much of the character of Long Island City disappeared. It pretty much looks like a Battery Park and is just as expensive.

Anonymous said...

Souless dormitories, or should we way grim barracks for the drones servicing Manhattan elites.

All the charm of Newport, NJ.

Thanks Jimmy.

You have used up your community and are tossing it away for bigger and better things.

Maybe you can take that $130,000 you raised for your non-existent political campaign and reopen the St Mary Sr Center, perhaps distribute some ice cream to the vast majority of artists in your district that do not have the 'juice' of Chocolate Factory, maybe even give Dutch Kills a real civic.


georgetheatheist said...

" much of the character of Long Island City disappeared.."

Sometimes those streets in Kensinger's photos looked like a whore convention.

Anonymous said...

"This is the year," Crappy, "this is the year!"