Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Part of Evergreen Cemetery may be developed

From the Daily News:

Dozens of trees, some more than a century old, were cut down in the Evergreens Cemetery, a case of arborcide that leaves only an unsightly bald patch on the rolling hills of the celebrated boneyard.

One worker, who asked not to be identified, estimated close to 70 stately maples, elms, sassafras and oaks were slaughtered in the past two months.

“This is murder,” said the worker. “These trees withstood all the wind and the rain from Hurricane Sandy, and they remained undamaged, and now they're cutting them down?”

The cemetery worker said some people speculated the land - located on the edge of the cemetery near Highland Blvd. not far from the Broadway Junction subway station — would be used for commercial development.

Grassi didn’t deny it, but said such plans are up in the air.

“We haven't made a final decision yet,” he said. “But we are hoping to replant trees over there.”


Anonymous said...

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust.
Fight back! Cremation is the answer!
Any developer who tries to disturb your final resting place, gets kicked in the ash that way.

Anonymous said...

Actually they could be clearing the land for buildings with cremation niches.

It saves on space, but like living in shipping containers, most are as ugly as hell.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't anyone seen POLTERGEIST??!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't think there are people buried there. It's the side of a steep hill, which is why all the trees were planted there. What could possibly be built there?

Anonymous said...

Big hill and no more trees...Hello erosion!

Anonymous said...

Highland Blvd.?
Didn't the city name about two lineal feet of that road Vito Battista Blvd.?