Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bus route causing problems in Whitestone

From CBS New York:

Residents of a Queens neighborhood have demanded action following a route change that is sending buses down a street so narrow that they barely fit.

The Q15A bus is barely able to round the corner between Clintonville Street and 10th Avenue in Whitestone, Queens. It’s a tight squeeze on a narrow, residential street.

During times of heavy traffic buses often get stuck, they claim. One resident shot footage on his camera phone of a bus trying to go in reverse down 10th Avenue.

When cars are parked on both sides of the street the road becomes even more narrow, making it almost impossible for a car and a bus to pass through at the same time.

Officials, including state Sen. Tony Avella, have asked the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to change the route, but the MTA claims that this is the best route.

“This would take many of the riders along a long, circuitous, U-shaped routing and greatly slow their commute,” the MTA said. “We believe 10th Avenue is a wide enough street on which to operate the Q15A.’


Anonymous said...

Everyone is complaining, but I didn't hear anyone suggest a viable alternative route. What is going to happen is they are going to end up losing the parking on one side of the street to no standing signs.

Anonymous said...

When Senator Tony was Councilman for CD19 Whitestone he not able to do or didn't do anything about the traffic mess coming off the whitestone bridge and flying around the corner at 5th Avenue. Now the Vallone family would like turn Whitestone into ValloniaII as they actively participated in developing a brownfield site and adding more people and traffic density to an already overcrowded neighborhood. Good luck whitestoners, your gonna need it.

Anonymous said...

The first anonymous is right. Be careful what you ask for and bitch about. The city won't change the route they will just make one side no standing and you will loose the parking.

Anonymous said...

That's why this bus is never on time!

Anonymous said...

so far I havnt gottn a look at news film all I get is a stupid commercial

Anonymous said...

What about smaller buses?