Friday, July 12, 2013

Plumbers sue Ratner over prefab construction

From the Daily News:

Developer Bruce Ratner's plan to build pre-fab apartment buildings at his Atlantic Yards complex dangerously ignores key building safety rules, union workers charge in a bombshell lawsuit.

The Plumbing Foundation claims in its suit that the Building Department is wrongly allowing Ratner to build the first phase of the $4.9 billion, 15-building residential and commercial project without using licensed plumbers and fire suppression contractors.

Because Ratner is using pre-fabricated — or modular — units, more than 60% of the construction of the project surrounding the Barclays Center is expected to be completed off-site.

The modules currently being built at the Brooklyn Naval Yard includes plumbing, gas and sprinkler piping for the world's tallest modular building, a 32-story residential structure named B2, slated to rise at Dean St. and Flatbush Ave.

But that construction is not being done by licensed workers, a violation of the city's strict building Administrative Code, according to the lawsuit.


Anonymous said...

Licensed plumbers?

One of these licensed to overcharge plumbers, just violated my bankbook by charging me $135 just to clear one drain.

Next time I'm buying myself an electric snake instead of hiring a licensed one.

This is a case of union featherbedding.

Anonymous said...

Some of these f-----g plumbers make more money than dentists.

Joe said...

$135 just to clear one drain is getting off easy !!

Buy a good electric drum snake and a couple good quality drop tips.
One of these "licensed crooks" wanted to charge me $600 labor to install a water heater. I did it myself in 45 minutes.
$30 silver solder, MAP gas and a heat blanket. It isn’t rocket science and I did a neater job then the last licensed plumber who dripped flux and running solder all ove the place.
You may call a "licensed" plumber but the people sent on the call could be a "helper" anybody willing to work cheap under the license holders umbrella. Its a huge racket the same with electricians !!

Anonymous said...

Next time I'll call you Joe.