Saturday, July 20, 2013

Woodside square overrun with rodents

From Fox 5 via Sunnyside Post:

It didn't take us long to find the rats scurrying around in John Vincent Daniels Jr. Square, a little park under the 7 train in Woodside, Queens. The park is infested with rats. Usually nocturnal, they even run round during the day, as we found out.

Sal Albanese, a former New York City councilman from Queens, now running for mayor, took Fox 5 on a rat excursion at the park.

We saw plenty of rats feasting on trash and even drinking water someone left, probably for the pigeons. After all, rats need to hydrate during a heat wave, too.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if it's a coincidence that people dump tons of bird seed and other pigeon food there.

Anonymous said...

Where's the Parks Commissioner?

Anonymous said...

Too bad they don't have cute bushy tails - then everyone would leave peanuts out for them.

Aesthetics are a bitch!

Anonymous said...

Who wants to walk through parks? Jimmy is providing new thrill for his community!

You can all go over to the upgraded library branches with their gold deluxe multi-million dollar capital campaigns.

Of course their hours might be restricted and with staff cut backs and the like.

But Hell, Jimmy 'the Stonewall' Van Bramer is providing for his community. Got a problem with noise in the trainyard? Jimmy is there.

Rats in Woodside/Sunnyside? Call 311 and blame it on the mayor.

Anonymous said...

Anon no. 3: That's why they're in the park. People are feeding them- with birdseed!!!

Anonymous said...

I pass by here every morning. There's a crazy woman that dumps birdfeed and bread there every day. She does it up and down Roosevelt as well and is making a mess in the neighborhood.

Joe said...

They nabbed a couple kids shooting rats coming out curb basin with an air rifle 3AM. This was in Ridgewood behind Pizza Hut (60th lane).
I fondly remember grampa Al Lewis cursing at rats throwing things and beating them with a broom on Bleeker Street outside his restaurant years ago. Again around 3AM as we were moving gear out of Kenny Castaways. It was friggan hilarious .

Jerry Rotondi said...

For the benefit of you readers--on the subject of rodents:

Councilman Van Bramer recently received a certified return receipt mail copy of a letter (with extremely graphic photos attached)--which I had sent (via certified mail) to the DOI inspector general of the NYC Health Department.

CB2's chair, Joseph Conley, also got an identical
(certified mail) copy.

This was pertaining to the existence of mounds of organic trash and rats that are proliferating at the "5 Pointz" site on Davis Street in LIC.

The occurring condition is due to the neglect by the absentee landlords (David and Gerald Wolkoff) of the building and surrounding property. They have denied their responsibility in this matter--claiming it's their food cart vendor tenants' fault.


Who really knows if these very same food-coffee carts might be serving NYC rat feces tainted edibles?

O.K. enough of that--but did Councilman Jimmy's office take any action on this possible health crisis?

Not much, so far.
A return phone call from a councilmanic aide was soon received by me--informing me I have to realize that it's not really within their jurisdiction.
I knew I'd get a quick response from the district office due to their receipt of my certified letter.

Thank you very much, Jimmy.
I already know that it's not your office's jurisdiction.
I know, full well, it's the health department's jurisdiction.

You were merely copied because the garbage and rat infestation happens to be located within YOUR OWN district.

So, go outside and kick some butt!

It's still a mess out there, and is cooking up very "fragrant" in the hot July sun.

I hope you enjoy reading this.
Speaking of a stinking situation--the voting public has a right to know that you've gotten political campaign donations (a matter of public record) from the very same Wolkoff family that owns the rat's nest "5 Pointz" site.

I certainly don't expect any further contact from your office, now that I've earned your displeasure with my pointed comments.

The truth is out there, and in the end it shall prevail!

I'd like you all to please take notice. I'm really a very mild mannered man, when treated fairly and with respect.

Otherwise, I'll simply do what I have to--and just to let you know, that this ain't much fun!

I implore you tall to learn to hold your officials responsible! It's the only path to real change. Do not be afraid of them. You are their employers

Vote them out if they're doing a lousy job!

Anonymous said...

I agree with number 1. The problem in this particular park is especially bad because of the vast amount of food left out for birds.

Anonymous said...

Introduce a few Rat Snake and problem solved for the summer.

Anonymous said...

Sal Albanese was a Council Member from Brooklyn, not Queens. I'm sure Jimmy hated to see Sal in this report and not him.