Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dutch Kills demolition derby

From WPIX:

Many communities can battle for the title of worst NYC traffic. Located to the north of Queensboro Plaza, Dutch Kills has seen an increase in crashes. The population and building in the area has been on the rise.

Neighbors provided Pix11 News with video from a surveillance camera that has been recording cars running stop signs around 39th avenue in Queens.

State Senator Michael Gianaris, who represents the area, has been in contact with neighbors and community leaders. NYC Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer’s office says portions of the area could be designated as a “slow zone.”

Neighbors started a petition on the website to get more enforcement and attention. Tweet your #worstNYCtraffic areas to PIX11′s Greg Mocker and he may be able to check them out.

Gianaris’ office has organized a rally at the corner of 39th Avenue and 29th Street in Queens at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, July 17th.

Are my eyes deceiving me or are there no stop signs on that corner in the black-and-white video? That would explain the frequent accidents.


Anonymous said...

Someday someone should do a story on that community - how trusting good people that loved their homes were hoodwinked out of them.

Everything and everyone one has failed them. We do not need to name names.

Everyone knows who you are.

Anonymous said...

Why bother?
Dutch in a neighborhood already killed!

And there won't be a shred of it left to recognize.
It's new about "Manhattan Sprawl"?

It's inevitable! That's its fate.
So let it be let it be done.