Friday, July 19, 2013

Helen on board with 5 Pointz special permit

From the Daily News:

Queens Borough President Helen Marshall announced Wednesday that she supports the plan to tear down the building, which houses the 5Pointz Aerosol Art Center, to create room for two luxury towers.

Her recommendation came after the owners of the site, Jerry and David Wolkoff, agreed to create 75 units of affordable housing for city workers, seniors, veterans and residents of northwestern Queens.

The developers also promised to create artists studios and free community space.

Better get your umbrellas out, folks. It's raining empty promises.


Anonymous said...

Helen Marshall defying the community board and public majority positions? Never saw THAT recently... *cough* Willets Point *cough*

Jerry Rotondi said...

The Wolkoff slumlords are allowing the 5 Pointz premises to be kept in extremely deplorable shape.

Yes--ARTISTS--from all around the world, who come to paint here.

The owners' unsanitary food cart vendor tenants overfill dumpsters with garbage. This spills out all over the ground--covering the loading dock with stinking organic matter--PHEW!

Dozens of rats can be seen scurrying about, looking for a meal--some of them even in broad daylight.

The Wolkoffs claim no responsibility for their tenants filthy practices.

I attended the borough hall hearing (with the owners present) and gave testimony against their 40 story plus towers. I also presented color photos of these health crisis conditions in evidence--along with copies of reports made to the NYC health department and DOI.

"DON'T REWARD A SLUMLORD" was my advice to Helen Marshal.

Yet she approves this special permit!

It's obvious that borough hall knows where its bread is buttered. Developers always spread their "cheese" around too--come election time.

Wasn't it Donald Manes who once proclaimed (something like), "Queens has nothing but land, and I intend to develop every bit of it".

So, what has changed in all the years that followed?

The stench of corruption still lingers at the hall!

Anonymous said...

The man who runs 5 Pointz...Jonathan "Meres" Cohen, (who achieved Eagle Scout status) tries his best to keep the site orderly and safe, in accordance with his training.

Anonymous said...

She's out of touch.
Helen hasn't made her own decision in years.
Who votes for her, then....Irving Poy?

Anonymous said...

Do you think that Marshall is bad?

You don't want "junior" Vallone occupying her chair.
Clean up boro hall. Vote Avella!

Anonymous said...

There you go....the "AFFORDABLE HOUSING" broken promise thrown in once again, to sweeten the pot!

Do we dare trust a Wolkoff?
Get it in writing...notorized and presented to the courts!

Anonymous said...

David Wolkoff, son of Gerald, is the owner of record.

His wife is Stephanie Winston Wolkoff.

Yes...that's right...of Harry Winston Jewelers (57 & 5th) fame.

I wonder what the Winstons
think of their slumlord in-laws?

Anonymous said...

Da wind blew 'n da shit flew...
'n ya couldn't see a thing fer days at burro hall!

Anonymous said...

There's a fog bank obscuring the horizon.
Will...LOL!...Councilman Jimmy clear up his position regarding the future of 5 Pointz?

Waffler Van Bramer appears to be sitting this one out. Stall, stall, stall...stonewall all inquirers.

Clearly it's because the councilman has taken thousands of $$$$$$ from the Wolkoffs.

Shit or get off the pot Jimmy!
Are you for or against 5 Pointz's survival?

Or will you wait until it's razed and then cry a river of crocodile tears.

"Oh my...what a worldwide art treasure we've just lost. I need to book another cruise to recover from it all".

Jerry Rotondi said...

I'll bet that CB2 chair Joe Conley, is happy with Marshall's approval.

He was there standing alongside the 5 Pointz site's owners at borough hall.

Shall I forward you my cell phone shots, Crappy?

Jerry Rotondi said...

Please, let's get to the point regarding "5 Pointz"--because time is of the essence!

Council Member Van Bramer--
are you FOR or AGAINST--preserving world famous "5 Pointz", as an important cultural and major tourist destination?

Perhaps NYC might offer some kind of a land swap deal with the Wolkoffs.

I--unlike others who have participated in meetings with your office--WILL NOT be placated easily!

I invite you or your staff to keep on following Queens Crap. It might be strong and in-your-face at times, but it's a highly informative and far reaching blog.

Everyone awaits your position pertaining to 5 Pointz.
Thank you.

Sunnyside Son said...

Somebody just told me that Joe Conley is a developer, himself.

Can that be true or is it merely a rumor?

If it be true, shouldn't he be replaced as chair of CB2?

Wouldn't that constitute being a conflict of interest which violates our city charter?

Anonymous said...

Do you really expect to replace Joeseph Conley?
Are you on drugs?
Borough hall loves him! Barry Grodenchik, won't have it!

In this crooked borough...even if you've got your tongue so far up a shady developer's ass, that you can spit doesn't matter.

You can hold your job even if you're breaking the law.

Skillman Sally said...

Conley and Van Bramer...2 shady peas in a pod!

"Ol' Stonewall" Van Bramer will run for mayor someday and "con man" Conley will attempt another run for councilman, like he did against Gioia.

They wanted to drop Conley from CB2 back then ,because of the sparks flying between the 2 candidates. It was interfering with his job as chair. Cooper was supposed to take Conley's place. Steve's a far better man than Joe will ever be.

Take note that political pond scum always rises to the top. Vote wisely and avoid the quicksand that perilously lies beneath it all.

Anonymous said...

I say if 5 Pointz gets a deal to build two 40+ story mixed-use towers, give the exact same deal to everyone who owns property with industrial zoning in Queens.

Anonymous said...

how do we stop the variance? i've emailed everyone, all we need to do is stop the variance, who wants a park under the 7 train anyways? the reason the developer is putting a park there for the community use is because he can't build apt's right next to the train,who would live in it?oh,wait i know who,the affordable housing maybe?

Anonymous said...

Wolkoff can build...AS OF RIGHT...20 stories tall as the zoning currently permits.

There are a few variances required for the 5 Pointz site to go to 40 stories+.

It goes through city planning then voted upon by the city council.

Then there's one that (I believe) goes through the BSA (Board of Standards and Appeals).

It's very difficult to stop one at the BSA. can attend the city council hearing, etc.

Anonymous said...

The Wolkoffs have no intention of building.
They don't have that kind of really big money.

They'll just flip the property if they get their variance.

They're bogged down with their Pilgrim State site in Suffolk County, L.I.

It's take the money and run time for this slumlord.

Anonymous said...

Do you now all see how ineffective and unnecessary community boards really are?

Borough hall just ran roughshod over CB2's unanimous (purely advisory) vote against granting Wolkoff a variance.

Abolish community boards! They're pure window dressing. Let the County Dems find patronage jobs for their ass kissers somewhere else.

Our taxes are paying CB staff's salaries, and we get pissed on in return. Most boards do not represent their areas, only the developers!

Anonymous said...

Wait, that seat is up. How come he ain't falling in?