Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kim forgot to mention Parkside income

From the Daily News:

Quite a few state officials leave to become lobbyists, but Assemblyman Ron Kim is special: He’s a lobbyist who became an elected official.

Before taking office in January, Kim, a Queens Democrat, was a registered lobbyist for the Parkside Group, an influential lobbying and political consulting firm, his financial filings with the state show.

Kim did not disclose his Parkside ties when he first filed his statement in May. But in June, records show, he filed an amendment disclosing that he made between $75,000 and $99,999 with the firm.

Lobbying records show he was registered to represent such clients as the state trial lawyers association, the owner of the Indian Point nuclear power plant and the powerful Service Employees International Union Local 32BJ.

Before becoming a lobbyist, Kim had been a staffer for former Govs. Eliot Spitzer and David Paterson. He also was a staffer for the City Council and then-Assemblyman Mark Weprin of Queens.


Anonymous said...

C'mon it's only 99K! Chump change for a corrupt lobbyist, I mean politician!

Anonymous said...

Impeach the SOB!
Parkside needs to be investigated by the feds!

Anonymous said...

Parkside needs to be investigated by the feds!

A M E N !

Former Staffer said...

The Staviskys have the fix in for Parkside.
Why is Evan a district leader in Queens, when he lives in Rockland County?

Why does Toby's ravy-fave, The North Flushing Senior Center, get scads of $$$$$$$$ from her discretionary funds?


Anonymous said...

Kim's Korean buddies must have contributed heavily to Toby Ann's campaign chest.

Clink, clink!
Ahhh....the musical tones of a multitude of gold coins!

Anonymous said...

The Asian politicians seem more corrupt than the black and white politicians who were in power in this city......we just keep going downhill huh?

Anonymous said...

Ron kim is the king of pay to play. He routinely takes money in exchange for favors. Someday he will piss off one of his "supporters" and someone will rat him out. Or perhaps there is an email out there describing how he provided services while an elected official for money.