Saturday, July 20, 2013

Let's build more new housing in Rockaway!

From Curbed:

Rebuilding is proceeding in the areas damaged by Hurricane Sandy, and one spot ripe for a new post-storm approach is Arverne East, an 80+-acre site first designated for development seven years ago. Progress stopped amid the credit crisis, and the developers (and friends) sought a new design through a two-phase competition announced several months ago. Four finalists, announced this morning, will each receive $30,000 to develop their proposals.

The four firms given the finalist nod, out of 117 submissions, were Ennead Architects, Lateral Office, Seeding Office, and White Arkitekter. Only Ennead is based in NYC—the other firms are based in Toronto, London, and Goteberg, Sweden. (Another six firms received honorable mentions—again with only one NYC-based entrant among them.) Each team has until October 7 to submit its final design, and the winner—to be announced October 24—will receive another $30,000 and the chance to be involved with the actual design of the site.

You'd think a storm buffer would be preferable, but not in NYC! We never learn.


Anonymous said...

there is something sneaky going on in the rockaways that should have all the residents from mott ave to breezy point ready to stand their ground from the hipsters,foodies,and 1%'s which all these "projects" are geared to.They are trying to turn the only recreational area for the poor and shrinking middle class into the new hamptons.

Once this is complete,everyone and I mean everyone living there will be forced out.It is why there is still no boardwalk after almost a year.the city and state are deliberately neglecting the area,except where the oblivious newb yorkers flock to the taco stands and the lame surf waves in the 80s and 90s beaches.

its destroy(sandy),neglect,build then gentrify model of development in NYC(see downtown brooklyn,williamsburgh,greenpoint,astoria and now LIC.

there is house in belle harbor who has a great blue flag with the slogan "don't give up the ship".
I recommend every house and project apartment building to get the same flag along with "don't tread on me".Maybe that will send a message to these greedy developers and tone deaf elected officials who have destroyed what made this city great and unique

Anonymous said...

The way to go about it is to elect your own.

Virginia Joe Crowley raises his family in Virginia. Its about time that you send him and his back to the sharecroppers.

Anonymous said...

This is going to cost billions of our taxes to make a few developers rich.

Meanwhile the clueless hipster kids will be stuck facing that storm surge.

Anonymous said...

What are these people crazy ?
These proposals looks like the shipping container yards in Jersey or modular government housing in northern Europe