Monday, July 29, 2013

Billboard owners want to be grandfathered

From the Daily News:

Two Astoria landlords are boldly advertising their displeasure with the city.

Paul Halvatzis and Steve Kesoglides are feuding with the city over billboards on their residential buildings, both located on the north side of Astoria Blvd. near the Grand Central Parkway.

In 2011, the city presented each man with a sky-high fine and informed them that the billboards — both of which dated to the World War II era — were out of compliance with the law.

The city won a ruling in 2010 that allowed the Buildings Department to crack down on longstanding signs near highways — if they didn’t have permits.

The owners are now fighting the city in Queens Supreme Court, demanding that the billboards be grandfathered for permanent compliance.

A decision is expected within the next few months, a lawyer for the owners said.

The Buildings Department went after Kesoglides — despite his permit — because billboards cannot be grandfathered into residential zones, said DOB spokesman Tony Sclafani.

The agency was empowered to issue fines after it won the 2010 billboard suit.

“That was created more than 40 years ago,” he said of the zoning. “By law, advertising signs are only allowed 10 years after a residential zone is designated.”


Anonymous said...

The beleaguered building owners, meanwhile, have found support from local leaders.

“It’s a classic example of city bureaucracy run amok and using our citizens and businesses as ATMs,” said City Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. (D-Astoria).

Halvetas is the broker of record helping the Steinway Mansion owner break apart the property. His firm is advertising the property as an ideal commercial site.

Yes, they could build a factory.

We invite you to inspect maps of the property.

Does property lines seem to show that this might be 6 inches from the mansion stoop and requiring the removal of earth next to the foundation 40 feet down to street level?

If so this would be far below the mansion's basement floor - something that could effectively compromise the building's integrity and effectively destroy the building's use for the community.

Vallone's silence on the community's efforts to save the building helps make this a real possibility.

But Vallone does find the time to want us to sympathize with the owner of an ad plastered over the side of a building.

A great boro president material don't you think - and a great bag of friends he will bring to to Kew Gardens as part of the bargain.

Not Queens Logic. Vallone Values.


Anonymous said...

That is terrible. What is wrong with Astoria?

I am sure if their is any pride in the community the locals will put a stop to that. Any other community in Queens would.

What does Simotas or Gianaris say about this?

Queens Crapper said...

Don't worry, Marge Markey is on your side!

Anonymous said...

Both landlords are very connected to the local powers that be. so lets see how it goes for them.

Anonymous said...

Kesoglides was a Clinton White House ptogorapher thanks to the instistence of Irene Ladas, the late Saint Of Astoria

Anonymous said...

Kesoglides turned Democrat because he couldn't stand that Lew Lehrman made Basil Kampitsis head of the Greek GOP over the ditsy ambassadorial cousin. Tony Samaras and George Tsunis will tell you the Greeks always eat their young.

Anonymous said...

Alex Karloutsos sis the snake of Eden

Anonymous said...

All the local electeds save Vallone has gone on record supporting the Friends effort.

Stay tuned for some interesting things.

Anonymous said...

Eat Young? Then why did the Archons (politburo, includes Gorbachev) promote George Demon in Suffolk and Kermit Thermin in Queens? Avenge Jake, Hang Bart!

Click for Greek History said...

See the American side of Greek History most of these Trojan Horses would rather ignore.