Saturday, March 10, 2007

Immigrant Storage

This takes up an entire block of 57th Avenue in Elmhurst, east of Van Horn Street. The sad thing is that there is still an empty lot to the left, right next to the Conrail line, which will no doubt be filled with several more units of Queens Crap. Across the street from this, an old warehouse is now being used as a church. The only problem is that it still looks very much like a warehouse.


verdi said...

Are these actually designed for human beings to live in? They're habbitation warrens!

I've seen better designs in bee hives. At least there a worker "drone" has a Queen Bee to worship!

Who does a tenant pay homage to here.....the landlord?

Anonymous said...

this is the mother of all queens crap, a true symbol of the very worst architecture that developers can inflict on our communities. all of this is brought to you by bloomberg and company.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

City planning at its worst.

Anonymous said...

Funny, not a peep out of a single community board, politician or (ahem) newspaper about this.

Maybe they think we don't see it.

Anonymous said...

The Crapper would prefer an internment camp.

It is easy to complain.....why don't you offer solutions?

Queens Crapper said...

1) Close developer loopholes like the infill provision, the community facility provision, etc.

2) End self-certification completely.

3) Use some of the $3.9 billion budget surplus for more staff for DOB, DCP, Landmarks, etc.

4) No more slap on the wrist fines - when developers are caught doing wrong, make them pay BIG.

5) Campaign finance reform to eliminate contributions from companies which have business with the city.

6) Recall provision for mayor and city council, boro prez, etc.

7) No upzoning of any area until infrastructure improvements are in place to support the current and future populations.

8) No lobbyist should hold a city position even if it is unpaid.

9) Elected officials cannot become lobbyists for at least 5 years after leaving office.

10) Community boards should be elected by the people just as school boards are.

Happy now?

verdi said...

I think that the "Queens Crapper" has answered that bitter and, make that "developer-in- disguise" fool in spades!

Anonymous said...

Anther one for Crappies list:

Start to refer to elected officials as 'public SERVANTS' as often as possible so a cowed public can get the proper perspective as to who really is in charge.