Sunday, March 11, 2007

Fugly in Flushtown

The Queens Chronicle reports that some new Historical Signs have been installed at 16 Flushing sites. The design of the signs matches the ugly architecture that can be found about town.


hooper said...

Note the plastic sawhorse under the sign: no surprise that the photographer couldn't seem to find a sign without some construction debris behind it.

Anonymous said...

Note that most of these historic signs pay homage to historic sites or buildings that no longer exist.

Many have been destroyed, fairly recently, by poorly planned development (with the approval of local Gov't boards).

They're, in effect, nothing but TOMBSTONES....."here lies"....."here was"......what's the difference!

Don't worry. They'll soon be more "uglified" by grafitti.....(spray type, scratchitti, or acid etch tagging) doubt!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see if the marker (or tombstone ) for the RKO Keith's Theater, as the last poster noted, will include the following:

Opened on X-mas day 1928......yadda, yadda, yadda.....

Destroyed by criminal developer Tommy Huang....while some CB#7members and certain local elected officials stood by and "twiddled their thumbs"(when they could have done more) while it was happening!

Anonymous said...

In a quick walk through the area it was noted the all of the signs have "Construction debris" behind or in front of them.

Anonymous said...

According to the Queens Historical Society, there are 21 sites, including the RKO, on the Freedom Mile. How come there are only 16 signs and why isn't the RKO Theatre included in this "beautification" project?

Anonymous said...

That gravestone is actually Chinese gong frame !

This crap belongs in a Singapore worship temple not a Queens street DUH !!!
Flushit is starting to look worse then a scene from "Blade Runner" ! I wonder who approved this stealthy religious symbol on a public street with tax dollars WHAT CRAP !!


Anonymous said...

There is supposed to be one of those "markers" in front of the RKO Keith's.....that is if the project is ever finished!

Call up and ask CB#7.....if they're not "out to lunch" as usual!