Thursday, March 1, 2007

Developer to Coney Island: Shaddup!

Not quiet on Coney Island

Developer muzzles Coney tenants

The sweeping clause in the leases - most of them signed by short-term tenants in buildings scooped up along the Boardwalk - threatens $10,000 fines for each offense and even eviction for squawking about "the redevelopment activities" on Coney Island.

The clause also bars attendance at parades, marches, other public events and petition signings until three years after the lease is terminated - demands that would conceivably keep tenants from speaking during a city-mandated public land review process this year.

And in other Brooklyn overdevelopment news:

The jackhammers begin

Critics Deem Atlantic Yards Documents Insufficient

Downtown Brooklyn is Booming

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hooper said...

Only in NYC would landlords demand that tenants sign away their first ammendment rights just to get a lease. Even more amazing is that they got away with it, and tenants actually signed.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe that anyone can sign away his Constitutional right to free speech in any lease agreement, even if there is such a clause .

Isn't that illegal?

Anonymous said...

Legally speaking, they can't be held to this gag clause in their leases. I won't hold up in court!

The signer cannot agree, as such, to anything that superceeds Constitutional Law.....even if he's willing to do so.

It becomes null and void!

Anonymous said...

Who the hell wants to listen to "Little People" anyway?

Do little people have cocktail parties for the "precious people"?

Do little people have anything to say that Precious People need to hear?

Little people need to learn the rule: pay all your income as taxes for the precious people, then just shut up!

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt this is illegal.

This would make an excellent case for the ACLU.

Any takers?