Thursday, March 8, 2007

Crap on Curbed

So Curbed took on overdevelopment today, and their readers overwhelmingly said that what is shown here isn't overdevelopment. Of course, their demographic is primarily made up of midwestern aliens who think the real NYC consists of big buildings, bars, nightclubs and restaurants. Heh.

By the way, Curbed's "Astoria and Beyond" posts are interesting, too.

Photo from Curbed


Anonymous said...

It seems the Crapper has gotten to the real estate industry. EXCELLENT!!!! Keep on truckin'!!

Anonymous said...

Just take a look at mrkenilworth's blog. Looks like it could provide Queenscrap with months' worth of material.

Anonymous said...

Yes, if you like stuff from 2005 in someplace called Skokie-by-the-Lake...

Anonymous said...

I love the last sentence of the picture caption: "Somebody want to get the little green guy a slingshot?"
I am sure that the poster would love to have that last little building knocked down and a behemoth replace it. Of course, the poster is from Ohio and he is probably thinking this as he pulls into his huge driveway with nice house and property attached. I would love to see this man find parking around here!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kenilworth, if you mean ol Crappie can't get along with anyone 'important' you are right.

However there is a bigger world outside of the gates of Versailles where all you jockey with the Sun King for more favors.

Check it out. Sooner or later they are going to check you out.

Anonymous said...

I simply love how those with the financial resources and the access to power to build stuff like this.

I am deeply saddened that if you do not fit the profile of a specific discrimination agenda (female (no matter how well educated/wealthy), sexual orientation (ditto), or skin color (black, but now, immigrant even better)) your voice is not heard.

The people that live next door are working class whites. Nice people. Pay their taxes. Go to church. Raise their kids.

And whose lives and homes are ruined. And whose cries are ignored.

I weep over the soul of our city.

Anonymous said...

"I weep over the soul of our city."

The soul of the city is the hardworking, taxpaying, productive, caring, "Little People" who actually make things happen.

But the soul is covered with parasitic leeches who never work, avoid taxes (except to demand them of others) and are the counter-productive politicians, developers, and "Precious People".

As parasites, they contribute nothing, and take everything in reach. Their only value is the entertainment they provide as they elbow each other and scratch eyes to grab even more and more!

There are two weapons to rid ourselves of the parasites: education and the vote.

Voting is not enough. We must know who the parasites are and never let any of them near the vault.

verdi said...

Next time I'll curb my dog on "curbed"!

Anonymous said...

Let those "ex-patriot midwest shit-kicker renters" that think NYC needs more behemoths choking out our airspace extol their crap elsewhere!

Build some of these monsters on the Kansas plains.....maybe create a new "Emrald City" in Oz!