Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Concrete Castle

89-10 158th Avenue:
This is in Howard Beach, as you probably guessed. It is way over the top in style as well as substance. The house is supersized and the decorative features take gaudiness to a new level. You should have no problem coming up with colorful adjectives to describe this one.


hooper said...

The builder must have thought he was adding 'class' to this place with those cheap plaster columns and statue. And how about those oversized balconies ready for not one, but two Repunzels to let down their hair.

Verdi, where are you? I bet you have a good name for this plaster palace.

verdi said...

Maybe this is a long lost bungalow that Liberace meant for Las Vegas but got mistakingly built in Howard Beach!

Even Elvis would have had better taste!

This is definitely a "Palazzo Stu Cazzo"!!!!

A perverse wedding cake style with the whipped cream gone wild! I wonder who the baker was. Where's the little marzipan bride and groom gonna stand?

verdi said...

P.S. Even the car in front is white.....must be the wedding limo!

Is the glaring red stop sign in the foreground meant to be a subliminal note meaning; "STOP building uglies like this one?

Anonymous said...

I think that "Queens Crap" should do a year end posting , or maybe print a poster (for sale) featuring a roundup of the "Crem de la Crappe".

This one, along with Elgardo's "dream house" is hereby nominated!

Anonymous said...

Was it poster "George the athiest" who coined the phrase, "il stronzo di tutti stronzi"?

It aplies here (once again), in spades! Thanks George!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet this one has gold plated faucets in the bathrooms and "Cappo di Monte" ceramica all ovah da place!

Paint it purple trimed with gold (rhinestones along the balcony rails) and put it up for resale. A pimp might want to buy it!

Anonymous said...

No need for magnesia or prunes......this one's a guaranteed stroooonze!

I wonder if they use plastic slipcovers on the furniture?

georgetheatheist said...

Bob Vila on drugs.

Anonymous said...

'Hi I'm Bob Villa and welcome to this Crap house. Today we're finishing up the the floor-to-ceiling mirrors, installing the gold swan-shaped faucets and waiting for delivery of the white laquer furniture.. '

Anonymous said...

Ja, zat vas a gut von!

Anonymous said...

Uh Oh !
Hey thats look's like Mrs.Gotti's house .....be careful you may get a visit !

verdi said...

Mamma mia mezzo mare! Pesca fritto Baccala!

What a revue!

Anonymous said...


Thats the house of New York real estate agent Tony DiPiazza.

Migrated from Sicily when he was young.

It's actually a pretty interesting house if you start looking at some of the structural details. Wouldn't be the easiest house to break into, nor would I want to have to storm it in a raid.

Interesting house.

Bit ostentatious, but not surprising with the guys origins. Clearly announcing "I've made it."