Thursday, January 18, 2007

Queens Chronicle on Sunnyside Gardens

The Queens Chronicle is calling for Landmarking For Sunnyside Gardens in this week's editorial.


Anonymous said...

Bravo for the Chronicle and Sunnyside Gardens! Let's not forget about other sites in the more obscure parts of our borough that also deserve the same, not just the one that houses a Historic Districts Council member and other residents with substantial "community clout"! I wish you all good luck with the LPC. It's a beautiful community.

Anonymous said...

Is it good that Sunnyside Gardens has a positive editorial? Yes.

Does this help the cause of preservation in Queens? Not really.

The truer picture of news reporting on preservation is the Chronicle's gingerly handling the wanton and needless destruction of the old borough hall in LIC. They quietly sidestepped embarrassing those responsible for its destruction and taking to task those who were in a position to save it. This was another wasted opportunity to do the right thing.

Across the city, people with access, rather than building quality or historic importance has been the deciding factor on landmark designation. This is a clear violation of both the spirit and the purpose of the city’s landmarks legislation.

You see, the editor of the Chronicle lives in the Gardens. We firmly believe, if that were not the case, they would not trumpet landmark designation.

Anonymous said...

We didn't know that the editor of the Chronicle lives in Sunnyside Gardens, along with with some of those other influential folks mentioned elswhere in this blog . Wow! It looks like the Gardens has got some real "juice", not like some of the other neighborhoods throughout Queens that lack any kind of "clout". We still wish them good luck on thair Landmarking endeavor!

Anonymous said...

... well if they want people's support now, then we should extract a deal from them: that going forward, they should be a ready advocate for preservation in Queens no matter where it be.

And perhaps, just perhaps, the editor, if he lives in a landmark area, agrees to vigorously pursue that dignity in his paper for other buildings and communities.

What say ye, Sunnyside Gardens?