Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Landmarks Gives Tower The Thumbs Down

The LPC has weighed in on the proposal to build a glass tower on top of a boxy art gallery on the upper east side:

Landmarks to Foster: Great Tower! Don't Build it Here!


Anonymous said...

Hurrah for the LPC! The towers got rejected because it's Manhattan. They would have probably been approved in Queens. So let's not all get excited and jump for joy! Now let's see what designation requests the LPC will reject in Queens in exchange for what they just did !

Anonymous said...

This is a meaningless victory for 'preservation,' for it is just another example that power and money are the only access to landmark designation.

Anonymous said...

Hey, where is the ‘Queens Congregations United for Action’ when you need them? The next step is to make this ‘affordable housing’ and they will certainly get it built, right? After all, that is about the substance of the ‘weighty’ argument that carries do much gravitas in Queens.

Besides, everyone knows that the infrastructure in Queens is shot to hell and overburdened, so let’s have all massive development in the areas with plenty of resources to handle it!

So why not Manhattan? How much 'affordable housing' exists on the East Side for people of color? I bet none!!!

We cannot have that discrimination and racism in this city for ANY neighborhood, can we? Lets add this to their ‘to do’ list right along side that Suna (Silvercup) controversy.

Anonymous said...

As reported on this website, a similarly tasteless project HAS been approved in Queens - that courthouse in Jamaica which is to be sliced in half so a glass tower can rise out of the back.

Anonymous said...

The court house proposal (Sutphin Blvd.) in Jamaica is another example of "Facade-ism" (save the front & destroy the rear of this classic), while the East Side "towers" represent a stage set approach to integrating architecture. Strictly "theme-park"! Do we live in a real city anymore? Or is this to become a future Metropolis erected for the "tourists" and "wanna-bes"? Just because they're not built of solid brick and mortar and you can see light through them doesn't make them less offensive. Make no mistake about it Mister Mayor, we can all see through your motives, and plans also! We're getting tired of "glass-up-your-ass" oversized structures being forced upon us! All of you future "real estate" political candidates have had your day in the sun!