Friday, January 19, 2007

News from Brooklyn

The Daily News reports that poor Dominick Diomede has to be out by Monday:

Carroll Gardens widower is fighting eviction - at 94

However, there has been an outpouring of support from neighbors:

Brooklyn opens its heart to old man

And the Brooklyn Paper reveals that the Nets Arena at Atlantic Yard will be named after a not-too-popular foreign bank that supported slavery, the holocaust, apartheid and war:

Blood money: Nets arena to be named after bank founded on slave money

A friend of the Crapper passed on this gem of a comment by made his pal in response to this:

"Now that's the kind of publicity you just can't buy for less than $400 million."

Queen Catherine, eat your heart out!


Anonymous said...

The NYC housing boom stands accused of victimizing the weakest people of our community: no schools for the young, unsafe working conditions for the immigrant, sky rocketing rents for the new grad, Queens Crap housing for the working class blocks, and nothing for the senior citizen (except blockbusting institution like barracks)

Anonymous said...

I agree except its Queens Crap housing for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Everytime they write about the wonderful changes that development has in our lives, they should put a 'back to the real world' sidebar with stories like this, which exposes its nasty underside.

Reminds me of turning over a rock, and seeing all the nasty things that run away from the sunlight.

Anonymous said...

If Bruce Ratner has any Jewish roots, I hope that he's haunted by the ghosts of Buchenwald & Aushwitz. That he sees their sad and displaced gaunt faces in each and every window of those "vertical cells" he's intent on building above the Atlantic Yards. Partnering with Barclay's Bank is like partnering with Himmler! I've met holocaust survivors when I was young and will never forget "that look" they had. If I were a Jew, I'd never live in one of those Hellish creations!