Thursday, January 18, 2007

Overcrowded Schools

This is also in the Queens Chronicle and comes as no shock:

Queens’ High School Classes Largest In NYC

"The council’s call, which took the form of a unanimous resolution at the Ozone Park meeting, petitions the Department of City Planning to halt residential development until enough school seats become available for the district’s children. It further asks for Borough President Helen Marshall to conduct a zoning study to help rein in rampant housing development throughout the area."

Eh, who cares, they're just the kids of immigrants.


Anonymous said...

Just keep on building and overdeveloping our neighborhoods and pouring in the immigrants without any planning for anybody's welfare, either the newly arrived or those who already live here! Our Borough Presidents have been always more concerned with their developer friends' welfare! Maybe Beep Marshal can take in some students for "home schooling" which seems to be the rage. It beats cramming in your kid into an overcrowded sub-standard high school where most of a teacher's job is likely to be police work!

Anonymous said...

For decades, the lagging behind of the infrastructure of NYC has been development's dirty little secret.

Just think of had bad the over crowding is now. Now add another million people.

Come on, politicians! What do we need to do for you to get real?

What is needed is to organize the parents across this city to get after city council to take care of their kids with new schools, rather than to waste taxpayers money and their elected official time to pursue bringing in the 100,000s of people yet to live here.

Any takers?

Anonymous said...

What a great idea for ‘Queens Congregations United for Action.’ Instead of being yet another foil for developers, as some suspect, why don't they do something useful
like organizing the parents around the city for more schools?

That is, if they REALLY want to help PEOPLE instead of using them as a shield for DEVELOPERS.

Anonymous said...

Years ago, I remember some legislation proposed for city council that before there was new development, the Board of Ed would sign off that there were school seats. Of course it got nowhere. Surprise. Surprise.

Anyone want to start to hold the developers, I mean, (one gets so confused here) politicians toes to the fire on this one?

Anonymous said...

There isn't a high school in Queens that has maintained a more than passable standard of academic excellence. That's why there is a special bus from Bronx Science High School that picks up those smart parents' kids in Flushing, who are being shipped out-of-borough for their secondary level of education! A prep school in Bayside advertises: "Your bridge to Science and Stuyvesant ". Nobody wants to put their sons and daughters into one of immigrant-educational-dump-box-schools (not even the immigrants, if they can afford it)! None of this will be reported in the papers! You'll have to continue to log onto "Queens Crap" to discover the truth behind the issues! Thank God for this site!