Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hasta La Vista, El Barrio

Today's New York Times prints more proof that Manhattan just isn't for immigrants anymore:

As East Harlem Develops, Its Accent Starts to Change


Anonymous said...

Long before this was Spanish Harlem it was Italian Harlem. (which extended up to about 112thSt.)....also an "immigrant" neighborhood. I had family there. This won't ever be a "poorer" neighborhood again. All Manhattan real estate is far too valuable. That means everybody gets pushed out to......well.....I really don't know where! It would have been Corona, but that's in the process of getting gentrified also. Nassau or Suffolk maybe! Wherever there's land that nobdy wants, you can be sure of that! We only want "wealthy" immigrants in Queens judging from the high-priced housing that's going up all over!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, we should get our social engineers from Queens to go after Manhattan.

After all, immigrants have saved communities as they revitalize our city (as they tell us when we go through Main Street, or Sunnyside Gardens, or under the ever lovely 7 train), so for a community to squeeze out its immigrants is a community in trouble. Right?

The city does need affordable housing, so again, when it is being squeezed out of Manhattan, we don’t want to be dumped on in Queens, do we? Why should Manhattan people be displaced like those poor folks in Long Island City?

They certainly need more 'affordable housing' in this city. So let’s send some of our rabid housing advocates across the river to preach the same gospel in Manhattan that they feed us.

Does Hunter College feel they should tackle their own borough?

Let's see how far they get.

Anonymous said...

Hey Astoria "maven" are you a "bigot" in disguise?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I'm from Rego Park and was born in Poland as a young boy. I do not consider myself an immigrant, but an American. No hyphen, please.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Rego Park man. Your writing style resembled somebody that I know who's a "ranter" from Astoria . I dont believe in "Hyphenated Americans" either (nor did my grandfather who said, "I'm American now. I've left the old country!") . Thank you for bringing up that point. Welcome to our (yours and mine) country!