Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Another Construction Death

Another worker has died while doing construction because of his contractor's lack of safety precautions at the site:

Worker Killed in Fall

This story was buried in the NY Times. Later, it was reported on QC couldn't find mention of the incident in online versions of other area newpapers.


Anonymous said...

Not a mention in the Queens papers, eh?

So much for Queens being the home to strong unions and immigrants.

Remind this to that union drone (who doesn't even live in your district) the next time they call you around election time and suggest that you vote for the machine.

Anonymous said...

"A day laboror who is not known."

What is this, Nigeria, Russia, Iraq?

The construction industry is a shame to our city.

City council should act on this, the papers should report on this.

Oh sorry, he was an immigrant. Cannon fodder, right? Let some nameless prodevelopment church groups in Queens champion his cause.

Back to the blueprints, boys!

Anonymous said...

Another tree falls in the forest of death without making a sound! What do you expect from MSM (mainstream media)? Ruppert Murdoch owns most of it (all the Times Ledger weeklies are his now)! They buried the story even quicker than that worker's body! But Queens Crap is the voice of the people! It doesn't bury its stories. So tune in tomorrow folks for the latest. breaking stories appearing in Q.C. the champion fighting against overdevelopment in our borough!

Anonymous said...

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