Monday, January 22, 2007

Food for Thought

The Daily News also reports that kids are being forced to sacrifice their lunch in order to cram in more classes.


The kids are already sitting on top of each other, thanks to overdevelopment, so this comes as no surprise. QC asks, "Why not start school earlier?" It says in the article that students attend from 10:30am to 5pm. Isn't that a little late? The Crapper started classes at 8:30am and was out at 2:30pm, but that was Catholic school. Photo from Daily News


Anonymous said...

If everybody's got the figures on innadequate power grids, overcrowded schools and the like........why are our politicos still supporting over-development? Because developers feed them money and we (sometimes ignorantly) feed them votes! That's how the game is played!

Anonymous said...

Should be interesting for some paper out there to talk about the overcrowding in the schools.

This is a scandal that the papers, the politicians, and the education lobby itself is not discussing publicly.

For shame on all of you!

It seems the only urban problems they discuss has one common solution ... further development.

Gas prices ... further development.

Global warming ... further development.

Obesity ... yup, further development.

Well, I will give them the last one. There seems to be lots of pigs in real estate

Anonymous said...

Great idea. How about a chart and map showing the overcrowding in each district, along with a map with the numbers proposed for new apartments in each district as an overlay.

Oh sorry, if your discussion on public affairs amounts to little more than taking press releases from the politicians, well, we don't expect you to work on an article.

What do you want from a free newspaper, anyways?

Anonymous said...

Why is it the when somebody asks a politician if he would support a "moritorium on development" (until ,at least, the rebuilding of our infrastructure catches up) they say, "That's impossible". The real answer to that question is: If you stop building then, you stop all that developers' money, which in turn, supports my re-election campaign"! Any other questions?