Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More $$$$ for Ratner

For the amount of money the city is kicking in for Atlantic Yards, it could have bought a number of historic properties on the endangered list, hired more staff at city planning, DOB, LPC...sorry to sound like a broken record.


Bloomberg Adding $226 million for Nets, Mets, Yanks?


Anonymous said...

Looks like Bruce is on the loose again giving us the old one-two! This project will #1. create new jobs! #2. Include affordable housing! Aren't you all tired of listening to that same old tune? Bloomberg isn't! He's just dropped double our tax money into the juke box! Another one for the record!

Anonymous said...

The city double-covers the Brooklyn arena while it double crosses the neighborhood! Not bad! A two for one shot! Do I get a percentage of this action? My annual real estate taxes are going into the Atlantic Yards project, so I've invested in this deal! Where's my cut? Oh, it came already in Bloomberg's $400. refund check that I got in the mail last year. I think I'm being short-changed! I'm entitled to more! So are we all!

Anonymous said...

Why don't the people of Brooklyn get after their elected officials (yes, those same ones that they elected as their public SERVANTS and the same ones who they pay taxes for being in their EMPLOY) and ask them, as SERVANTS & EMPLOYEES to summon me Lord Ratna to an audience before the people.