Thursday, January 25, 2007

Southeastern Queens Fights Overdevelopment

The other "QC" reports that there will be a Meeting To Discuss Jamaica Zoning Plan next month.

Also, Springfield Gardens is a nice community and they want to keep it that way:

Overdevelopment Fears In Springfield Gardens

Springfield Gds. protest slams Buildings Dept.

And here City Hall thought that only the backwards backwoods Archie Bunkers of Queens were upset about overdevelopment...


Anonymous said...

Listen up..... all you Queens politicos on builders' payrolls..... Your divide and conquer tactics, which attempt to pit one Queens neighborhood against another when it comes to downzoning etc., ain't gonna fly anymore! What's good for the Northeast is good for the Southeast. What's good for the Northwest, likewise, is good for the Southwest etc. etc.. Either the borough gets properly planned as a whole (not piecemeal) or you all better plan to start looking for other jobs! It's about time that the borough got united in its demands for good quality neighborhoods! We're gonna make you do your jobs instead of doing a job on us!

Anonymous said...

Hats off to our friends and neighbors in southeast Queens.

Now what is needed is an allliance with African-American homeowners and those (immigrants and people of color) that are being exploited in illegal housing, construction sites, and segregated housing along the waterfront.

Anonymous said...

The only problem is that the machine is clever and has beaten you to the punch on that one.

There is that Queens church group that is organizing the immigrant community as a rabid pro-development group

The East River DEVELOPMENT Alliance is pro, well, development keeping the community of Queensbridge's attention diverted from the racism in the East River waterfront development and remaining silent as the largest housing complex in the nation will literally and figuratively be kept in the dark and out of the sun by 50 story luxury housing.

Anonymous said...

A lot of immigrants have risked their lives to come here then risk their lives, once again, on dangerous construction sites. Those laborers need these horrific jobs in order to live, and the developers need to exploit these laborers in order to get richer. Put the remaining piece of the puzzle toether folks. Many immigants thus support over development. They have no choice in this brutal symbiotic relationship!