Sunday, January 28, 2007

Which is Worse?

A question for all those out there: Which is worse: Junk Food or Junk Houses?
The space next to the McDonald's on Grand Avenue in Maspeth was once a small parking lot. Now it contains a Fedders specimen that fronts on two streets.


Anonymous said...

A "belly- bomb" and an eyesore....all rolled into one! This is a genuine Mc Donalds/Mc Mansion! Or as I wish to call it,"Le Junque Magnifique"! (Or should it be Mc Nifique)? Gag......quickly...... I need a drink!

Anonymous said...

The people of Queens are ignorant. We are told so. Everywhere we read, and hear, they LIKE this stuff, ready to pay top dollar, thinking about doing this to their home.

Now of course, a few people will disagree. You always get those loose canon and malcontents in every crowd. But not to worry:

They can go to their community board .... and get nowhere.

They can go to their elected officials ... and get nowhere.

They can call their papers ... and get nowhere.

But then, good friends, there is Queens Crap. Now the tables are just a little more even.

Anonymous said...

"Beaucoup de crap Americain"