Saturday, January 27, 2007

A picture worth a thousand words

Mr. "From the Neighborhood, For the Neighborhood" has let his neighborhood go to hell. Just take a gander at his next-door neighbors. Yes these beauties lie in the shadow of the 7 train on Roosevelt Avenue, next to Mr. Gioia's campaign office. Just after they were built, "FTN x 2" high-tailed it to a luxury condo on the Long Island City waterfront. For it's more important to mix with people who might help you further your political career than to live amongst the feudal masses who elected you.


Anonymous said...

We could write a book about this and call it 'The Gioia of Crap'.

I guess that pretty-boy should have become a florist.

Anonymous said...

Gioia has been giving his constituents a hand job from the day he took office. Another product of the , alive and well, Manton Machine...... Queens "Demon"-cratic politics at its worst! The political monopoly of this "one-party-system"our borough is stuck with has got to be broken up. The Democratic Dictatorship must end. We need to see some really qualified candidates from the other political parties give these hacks a real run for the money. I really don't care which party's candidate wins an election, as long as they're truly working for their constituents and not for the developers.

Queens Crapper said...

Actually, Eric ran separate from the Manton Machine, but apparently soon got sucked in because he ran unopposed for his second term.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the correction ""Q.C." Accuracy's important. I guess I'm haunted by Tom's presence.

Anonymous said...

Long ago, there was a prominent Viking leader known as "Eric The Red". Perhaps we should be calling Gioia "Eric The Brown"! (Can you guess why?)

Anonymous said...

Guys, give him a break. There is a young man who is going places.

Like the Dutchess of Rodham, the people are trotted out to sign the dotted line authorizing another term of office, given a wave of the hand in response, and sent back to the mines.

While their represensatives persue the really important things in life. No you silly fool, not wasting time representing the interests of 'losers' who will believe anything you tell them or anything they read in the papers. Like career building!

After all, you are someone who is going places.

Anonymous said...

Where was he when we were getting beat up by Conley in the community board on the Gardens.

I thought the two did not like each other.

Oh I get it. It’s all show. The real issues are debated behind the scenes (as who gets to be the patron of which developer?). When it comes to the great unwashed, factions in the Forum band together and call out the guard to keep the plebes in place.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps at the next town hall meeting, someone in his district can raise this picture up to his face, ask him if wife and kid lives there, and if not, why it is okay for his constituents to live like this.

Get his comments.

Report to the ol Crappie the response, not only from our fair-haired boy, but also from our illustrious fourth estate in the newspapers.

Anonymous said...

Just another piece of polical putrescence! I've seen better looking bodegas. This is what passes for a district office? I wonder if I can get a Salami on Rye in there.