Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cuomo Cuffs Contractors

"For too long, these unscrupulous contractors have failed to pay the prevailing wage on New York City Housing Authority housing developments," Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said in a statement. "We will not allow contractors to place millions of dollars in their pockets by exploiting their workers and the agencies for which they perform work."

Contractors Admit Stealing Millions From Workers in NYC Housing


Anonymous said...

Yeah,( yawn). Good try Andy. Whose money put you in your job? We've got your campaign contribution score card on the table in front of us. Wanna try another lie?

Anonymous said...

Love these attention grabbing headlines.

They just don't work in the new era of blogs.

Anonymous said...

That's right ole buddy. You can slip an "electronic pamphlet" under somebody's door even when it's snowing too hard for them to go out and buy a newspaper. This "medium is (truly) the massage"!