Monday, January 22, 2007

The big 421-A lie

Thanks to Mamalee for drawing attention to this Op-Ed from AM-NY:

Queens not left out

That's interesting, QC recalls that the "inclusionary zoning" of Queens Boulevard in Woodside was supposedly done in order to get middle-income folks who otherwise would be priced out of the neighborhood to stay. You know, like Eric Gioia's teacher sister and cop brother-in-law? Now the commissioner of HPD is saying that the area is earmarked for low income residents.

Ok, so who's lying?


Anonymous said...

I love how the papers deals with issues that we will be stuck with the rest of our lives and our children's lives.

50 story buildings in one inch square. 50,000 people in 200 words.

Anonymous said...

Guys, how naive can you get? The machine realized their mistake in letting Manhattan types into Queens West, and now they are stuck with it. Decreasing numbers that can be 'tweeded'. You could lose whole communities that way. If you do not maintain a firm grip, you can join other has-beens in the dustbin of history (to say nothing about that honest money you can lose.) They will not make the same mistake again. This proposal, as well as that nut-case Sunnyside stuff that is being kicked around, is designed to serve one purpose. To maintain the profile of a community that will perpetuate, at least for another generation, the same geniuses that have had their way with Queens for decades.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what the standards are for 'low' versus 'middle' income housing?

Seems like it may depend on who you ask and how they're trying to spin the project.

Anonymous said...

In the thicket or hail of flying lies.....I'll be damned if I can pick and choose from among any of these lies or liars! Hey, maybe that's the purpose. To confuse us all with a well laid smokescreen! Wadda you all think?