Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Coney Island Developer's Threat

Don't you love how developers play the city like a violin? "Let me build exactly what I want, or I won't build anything!"


Wanna put money down on whether or not the city caves?

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Anonymous said...

We really don't need a rebuilt Coney Island. The whole damn city is already a theme park for the real estate industry! How about playing a game of "The New Monopoly" anyone? I hear the stakes are good if anyone out there has enough loot to put on the table!

Anonymous said...

What is needed is a new political movement based on the theme: Zero Population Growth.

Let me suggest the first planks:

1. I want my taxes to first pay for city services for my family. Before we bring anyone in here I want to improve my services (does anythig really think they are getting their money's worth from taxes, or is anyone satisfied completely with city services?)

2. I want my elected officials and city government to first take care of the needs of the people that live here (you know, those that pay their salary?)

3. All new developement goes forward only if the infrastruture is in place (little things: schools, energy supplies , transportation - no big deal if you can clean up Times Square and make Harlem more 'diverse.'

Any others?