Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Curbed on the Crapper

Hard to believe that this one got past the Crapper:

Meet the Queens Crapper

Notice the nasty comments from Curbed's "too-cool-for-Queens" audience.

Thanks to K.W. for bringing this oversight to our attention.


Anonymous said...

Curbed? It doesn't look like they're in favor of curbing anything over in the borough of churches. Look what's been done to Williamsburg and Greenpoint. Scarano ruined those neighborhoods and the Curbed types think it's great. I'll take being called uncool and lame over dealing with that anyday.

Anonymous said...

"CURB YOUR DEVELOPER" is what I say! But don't walk your dog near that same spot. He may pick up a disease from the builder's leavings!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes Scarano! He may not be a regular on "The Sopranos" but the body count on his construction sites may be just as high!

Anonymous said...

Take heart from an old PR pro. A negative or positive mention in "Curb"is still a free ad for "Queens Crap"! Don't you love it that everyone's taking notice!