Thursday, January 18, 2007

The New Coney

Seems like the city wants Coney Island to look like the Las Vegas Strip:

Floating visions of new Coney Island

As tourists are the only people in the city to matter outside of Manhattanites, the plan makes perfect sense.

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Anonymous said...

At least if you're gonna do it, do it right! Little known and many decades ago, somebody had a vision to develop Coney Island (then a decaying slum) into a Monte Carlo style place with casinos , and cruise/gambling ships moored there etc. This was an attempt to rescue a forgotten neighborhood with a percentage of profits going directly back into the "hood" for rehabilitation. My purpose is not to approve or disapprove that early plan. I'm here to make a point. He was African American! (I believe his last name started with a "B"?) Although he was both smart and wealthy, he was still " dark complexioned" get it! So the plan went down the crapper. Our "City Fathers" let the Coney Island area go to Hell for years to come! Now a "white knight" has come foward or is it "white money" Coney is going to get fixed up! H-m-m-m!