Thursday, January 18, 2007

Felonious Reporting

The Queens Gazette made mention in this week's editorial that the recent wave of attacks in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park did not garner as much attention from the media as it would have had the crimes been committed in a Manhattan park:

Silence Greets Queens Park Crime Wave


Anonymous said...

Another reason for hushing up reporting on the crime spree in Flushing Meadows Park is that it "spoils" Borough Hall's plans to "promote" the park as a tourist venue. Bad crime stats don't make for heavy visitations to the Queens Museum or Theater In The Park etc. And it's a long and lonely walk from the subway stop so we don't want to dwell on the dangerous aspects.That would be bad for business!

Anonymous said...

Also, the park is a mecca for immigrants. We always want to promote the immigrant experience in Queens (and their haunts) as vibrant, colorful and above all, positive. Never anything that is bad or negative. Never.

After all, everywhere in the country people want to flock to these communities and share in this experience. Right? Our lives (and communities) were so empty and going into a downward spiral until they were so revitalized.

Of course the fact that the city routinely cuts back on services in these communities is something we don't talk about, either.