Sunday, January 28, 2007

"LIC? What a Dump!"

In case you had any doubts about what the Manhattan crowd thinks of Queens, the NY Post is here to set the record straight:


"WHY the hell are you moving there?"

"It was like they were thinking, 'Oh dear, they must not be doing well at all to be moving over there.'"

It also proves that the gentrification of Long Island City is not a natural event, but something forced upon Queens in order to prevent Manhattan yuppies with children from moving across the other river and taking their city and state tax payments with them.


Anonymous said...

They've already moved accross the other river! Jersey City is already booming with yuppies and the former financial businesses that that used to be located in the Wall Street vicinity! Oh I see, if we build up our Western shores (like a fort) with a wall of monoliths, and cut off the "neighbors", then the builders can sweep Eastward through Queens like Sherman's Army! Woodside, you're next! Sunnyside will be spared if they get Landmarked! But that's still hanging in the balance, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

" "A lot of people feel they're getting an opportunity here," says Prudential Douglas Elliman Executive Vice President Andy Gerringer."

Mr. Gerringer, I publicly challenge you to a meeting of the community (no, not a dog and pony show organized by the politically appointed community board or down in City Lights with the 'new' LIC, but the people of the community, the 'real' LIC, those whose way of life is getting destroyed, whose homes are cracking from monster development projects next door, whose back yards are facing blank walls that is earning money for people who do not pay taxes and vote in the community … and tell them this drivel.

A colony of second class citizens right across from the United Nations.

For shame! For shame! For shame!?

Anonymous said...

Oh, here is a nasty idea.

Go to the UN and track down the Iranian ambassador. Ask him for funding to support American freedom.

Anonymous said...

In which direction does the pollution from those monster Con Ed electrical plants drift? I guess the residents of those new luxury towers will be breathing canned air! I hope they don't open their windows and wear gas masks when they're out for a walk!