Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Con Ed Still Being Blamed

The government is still blaming Con Ed 100% for last summer's power outage:

Queens Blackout Report Scorches Utility

We know better, now don't we?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, we know better. I wonder how many food checks ConEd handed out to people in illegal apartments??

Anonymous said...

"Junior" Vallone & Co. should have pushed for, at least, a moritorium on over-development until the electrical grid could cope with it! By shifting the blame solely to Con Ed , this "Johnny-come-lately" has put up a smoke screen in his usual grand- standing manner. These are but feable attempts to conceal the real causes of this most dangerous blackout! For years the "Vallone- Fiefdom" has ignored all the warning signs that the area has been over-built! What's next an innadequate or dirty water supply? Folks, let's not forget those past street "cave-ins" and the water main breaks that Astorians have experienced and had to deal with for days!

Anonymous said...

Naw, Con Ed will go along with it. Why? Because by the turning a blind eye and not blaming an overburdened grid, the politicians will permit more building and, yup, you guessed it, more electric use benefiting, yup, Con Ed.

Anonymous said...

I work for Con Ed and was one of those guys that worked in the manholes last summer in those days with 100 degree temperatures. I was underground in those vaults in an asbestos suit. It was hell, but my family had no power. You see, we have been in Astoria for generations, too!

Everyone knows that the power failure was caused because the grid was overloaded.

Everyone knows this was building over time year after year.

Everyone knows that every summer we are going to have this problem with the grid, and its going to continue to get worse and worse.

Everyone also knows that Astoria needs a big substation.

What everyone does not know is where it is going to be built.

Being Queens, everyone knows that everyone is not John Q. Public.