Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bloomie's Billion Dollar Tax Cut

Normally, the Crapper would be happy to hear that a tax cut was in the works. However, considering the condition of Flushing Meadow Park, the fact that many city agencies are running on bare bones budgets and the gigantic promises for new infrastructure and services made in the Mayor's 2030 plan, QC has to wonder how a tax cut at this point is feasible:

Mayor Readies $1 Billion Tax Cut

Looks like after we get used to paying less, we'll get gouged later on.

By the way, why do we always get told that "there isn't enough money" in the city budget every time we ask for something for Queens? According to Bloomie, there is so much available to go around that we don't even have to collect as much in taxes to support what we have now!


verdi said...

Mannhatan always seems to manage to have a "budget surplus" while Queens gets the same old we've got a "budget defecit" B.S. story. This is what the Mayor & Co. seem to have in mind! So, they "get" and we "don't"! The short end of the stick is always held by our borough!

Anonymous said...

Well the refund goes to property owners, some working class people, but many wealthy Manhattan, Brooklyn Heights, and eastern Queens people, too. So, much for the BS on 'affordable housing.' What an excellent opportunity to make 'housing affordable' for millions of working people: lower the city income tax for the lower tax brackets so they can afford the landlords who are gouging space? Why did he miss this chance if he truly cares about housing? Where are our friends at the ‘Queens Congregations United for Action?’ Oh sorry, I guess they missed this wonderful chance to help those people they tell everyone they are here to help. That's what happens when you bury your head in blueprints!

Anonymous said...

Didn't the past HUD money scandals (early1980s ?) teach us anything about the category of "affordable housing"? Wasn't it the "builders"that wound up sucking up a lot of these funds and screwing the "little guys" they were supposed to be helping while they "lined" their own pockets? Can anyone enlighten us on this subject! Maybe I'm all wrong on this point!